Active tour by Danube

A 8-day long Danube-Limes Tour along the River Danube spiced with different active programs. Journey by coach, stay in hotels. Dinner each day in hotels. City tours and organized programs. Bratislava, Devín, Győr, Budapest, Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom, Ráckeve.

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Guided walking tour in Bratislava (or Vienna) - Day 2.

Speedboat trip to Devín Castle - Day 2.

Guided walking tour in Győr - Day 3.

Visit the Basilica in Esztergom - Day 3.

Bicycle tour (25 km) from Esztegom to Visegrad - Day 3.

Summer bob-sleigh or canopy program in the mountains - Day 4.

Guided city tour in Budapest bus/walk combination - Day 5.

Bathing program in Aqualand Waterpark Ráckeve - Day 6.

Hiking in the Buda hills.. - Day 7.