International Long Tour 1

A 11-day long Danube-Limes Tour along the River Danube (Austria, Slovakia and Hungary). Journey by coach, stay in hotels. Dinner each day in hotels. City tours and organized programs. Vienna, Bratislava, Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pannonhalma, Budapest, Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom, Dunaújváros, Kalocsa, Szekszárd, Pécs. Altogether on 30 sites!

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Panoramic sightseeing in Vienna, days-1-2.

Visit in Carnuntum Archological Park - Day 3.

Panorama sightseeing in Bratislava - Day 3.

Visit the Futura Explore Center - Day 4.

Walking sightseeing in Győr - Day 4.

Visit in Monasteri of Pannonhalma - Day 5.

Guided city tour in Budapest - Day 6.

Visit in Late Roman Fort in Dunakeszi - Day 7.

Visit in Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Adalbert in Esztergom - Day 7.

Short guided city tour in Visegrád - Day 7.

Retro tour in Dunaújváros - Day 8.

Short walk in Kalocsa - Day 8.

Visit in Late Roman cemetery of Pécs - Day 9.

Visit the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs - Day 10.