Late Roman Fortlet, Dunakeszi

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Those who take trips to the popular tourist destinations of the Dunakanyar (Danube Bend), along the left bank of the river, would not believe that they can encounter ruins of Román military fortifications along the opposite side of the boundary river of the Roman Empire. This can be experienced when one stops in front of the high supportive walls of the houses at 28-31 Duna Row, during taking a walk in the lovely riparian street near the ferry in Dunakeszi, north of Budapest.

A block of wall ruin lies there, about which only a few people have known for long that once it belonged to a Roman outpost that had been pushed forward to the Barbaricum. Owing to the student community of Dunakeszi in present days, an information guide board calls one's attention to it already. That is, however, not the only thing worth seeing. In the backyard and basement of the building, which is located at 28 Duna Row, not only high remains of spectacular wall sections of the fortification and its tower can be visited, but also history of the fortress and archaeological finds recovered from its area are exhibited.

Visible remains of the outpost may earn Dunakeszi a World Heritage status, since the nomination process of the Danube frontier of the Empire in Hungary for a World Heritage membership is in progress, on the list of which not only forts and posts situated on the right bank of the Danube take place but also their left counterparts do so.

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